CosNet's campaing for cosplayers on stage!
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CosNet's campaing for cosplayers on stage!

Hello, everybody! This is a message for all cosplayers, photographers and supporters of this hobby!

Do you want to help us at Cosplayers.net to put together a nifty campaign to encourage people to cosplay and to be part in masquerades?

The project:

We are setting a campaing to encourage cosplayers and the public, so that more people will understand the hobby and more cosplayers will present on stage, either on masquerades or parades. We want to return to the atmosphere of joy and fellowship that we had during conventions, especially during the stage's waiting lines, and most of all, we want people to have fun!

The most important of all is that EVERYONE can participate. Cosplayers, photographers, whoever you are and wherever you are, everyone counts. Everyone is invited! The more the merrier!

How to participate:

Record a testimonial in video format! You can use any type of camera, from high tech ones to your mobile phone's camera. Video quality is not a threshold, so that everyone can be part of this.

What to talk about:

The question is: Who are you, how long have you been a cosplayer (or a photographer or a hobby fan, etc) and why do you think it is important to be part of cosplaying masquerades?

How to record your video:

You can do this alone, in pairs, in groups, with your family, wearing a wig, not wearing a wig, using a stylish makeup, wearing a geek t-shirk, do as you like! You can talk a little about you and the hobby, what you like about it and don't forget the main topic: say how important it is for cosplayers to be on stage. The maximum lenght for the video is 2 minutes and it may be extended by another 2 minutes per person. That is, if two people are recording a video together, the video can be 4 minutes long. If there's 3 people, 6 minutes long. You don't necessarily need to fill the 2 minutes lenght, it can be shorter if you want.

How to submit your video:

You can send the video through upload sites like rapidshare, 4 shared or dropbox. Send the video unedited and without adding any audio. We will do all the editing so that the videos will follow a pattern.

It would be great also if you could send along a masquerade video of yours, and saying what part of it you'd like to have inserted in the video.

To subscribe, just enter the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/493064514107883/ (it's in Portuguese but feel free to post in your language! English is always appreciated), or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The dead line is August 10th! Call your friends and record your videos! Everything is more fun when done in good company =)

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0 # RE: Campanha do CosNet para os cosplayers!Lila 2013-07-11 20:06
Acho legal se apresentar, mas acho que os eventos poderiam garantir medidas simples (ou sera que não tanto?) para garantir maior participação.

Por exemplo a substituição de Cds por arquivos entregues em pendrive. O cosplayer entrega, o staff ja pega o arquivo e passa pro pc e devolve o pendrive. Ainda da pra checar se o arquivo está funcionando na hora.
Outra coisa seria as inscrições online, ja com as imagens e textos de referencia, no dia do evento o cosplayer so precisaria revalidar a participação.